Q. May I submit a theoretical paper, without empirical data?
A. Yes

Q: Will there be Conference Proceedings?
A: Yes! All accepted papers shall be included on a CD-ROM, and a Book of Abstracts shall also be provided.
Copyright remains with the author.

Q. Is it possible that only the abstract is published - not the full paper?
A. No. If your paper is accepted, the abstract is published in the conference proceedings - Book of abstracts. The full paper is published on the CD-ROM

Q: Does the wording and numbers in a chart or graph have to be 12 font also, or could it be smaller?
A: Wording in graphs and charts can be smaller than 12 font but must be readable (font can be less than 12 for charts or graphs but readable)

Q: In which format should I submit my paper?
A: In PDF format. If you do not have PDF creator installed on your computer, you can download the application at http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/

Q: Will some of the papers be invited for press in the International Journal of Research in Marketing?
A: The confererence papers are not invited to be submitted to IJRM. Normally authors submit full papers separately to the journal.

Q: Can I submit a paper which is under review in another journal?
A: Yes as long as the paper is not published before the date of the conference.

Q: Is it possible to present my accepted paper on the day and time of my choice?
A: Our first priority is to elaborate coherent sessions that treat similar subjects. Due to huge number of papers to be scheduled for presentation at the conference, it is difficult to accommodate individual request for date/time of presentation.  

Q: Will the poster presentation be mentioned in the conference proceedings?
A: Yes, all accepted poster sessions will be listed (title, authors and affiliations) in the printed conference proceeding as well as on the conference CD. However, neither full paper nor abstracts of the poster presentations will be included in the conference proceedings or CD.

Q: May I resubmit another version of my accepted paper after notification?
A: No

Q: As an author, co-author, chair or Track Chair, do I need to pay the registration fees to attend the conference?
A: All participants in the EMAC conference pay the full registration fees

Q: Can an accompanying person attend the conference?
A: An accompanying person cannot participate in the academic programme. S/he may attend the events that are paid for upon registration (i.e. welcome reception and/or gala dinner). S/he will receive a badge that is different from the full participants’ badge.

Q: I would like to participate in the conference for a day only, is there a special rate?
A: The conference fees published on the website are the ones that we offer to all delegates. EMAC  does not offer a daily rate.



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